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The Golden Earth Center is a contact point and establishment, that is open to all persons of the region at any time. Our priority is the distribution of knowledge through courses, talks, coachings and so on. From here knowledge about different areas of life (also about a healthy lifestyle) should be offered. With this we support among others the Lais-School and the wilderness school/holiday camp.

We are very thankful for donations. For example you could buy the Golden Earth Springwater or support us in any other form. Your company can then be listed on our website as a supporter.

Membership for Contributors to the Center:

We cordially invite you, to individually contribute to our center and provide your unique skills, talents and contacts. This will not cause any costs or obligations.


Membership in the association Golden Earth für guests:
We are a registered association and support existing children's projects. Through your booking you will become a member in writing of the association without any further costs or obligations. The membership begins with the date of your arrival and automatically ends after departure.