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Thank you for your diverse support with the reconstruction and expansion of the Center!




Family Abfalter with St. Leonhards

Martin Abfalter


Fritz Peham GmbH 

We at Peham Holz are especially delighted to support „Golden Earth“ . Children are the most valuable good of our society. Everything we do because of love for our children is a big step to make the world a better place.

Website: www.pehamholz.at 



Kurt Schrammel

Gneiser Str 22 

5020 Salzburg

We at IKEA do our best to ensure having a positive impact on humans and our planet. That's why we make every effort for what really counts, and in this case it is the children. Children are our future, which is why it is extremely important to IKEA Salzburg to support regional institutions like Golden Earth. Website: www.ikea.com

Armin´s Malerei e.U.

As a father of four I know what it means to take responsibility. Children have the right of living their dreams and we as parents should make it possible for them. This is why for me it was obvious that I wanted to support the Golden Earth association with my work. Website: www.arminsmalerei.at



We thank the company Leiner for their generous support for the reconstruction works of our house! Website: www.leiner.at



More supporting companies:

  • Reisinger Hallein
  • Elektro Ebner Hallein
  • Elektro Conrad Salzburg
  • Zimmerei Deisl Wiestal Hallein
  • Sägewerk Siller St. Koloman
  • Sägewerk Lohmühle Faistenau
  • Metall Hobinger Puch bei Hallein
  • Malerei Seidl Hallein
  • Spedition Wildenhofer Salzburg
  • Lagerhaus Hof bei Salzburg


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