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Zen-meditation und vegan cooking workshops

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I have been practicing zazen since 2003. I SHIN DEN SHIN (jap.) means “From heart to heart”. The Zen tratidion is said to be transmitted in this way.


“The absolute frugality of zazen, which depends on the right body posture, calm breathing and the right state of mind, can capture every person, independently of culture, origin, religion, age and education.". These words originate from my zen-master Karl Obermayer in Vienna.

What accompanies me on my daily zen and life journey, is the intensified awareness and thankfulness in daily life and towards every life form, which is why after 20 years as a vegeterian I have been living vegan since 2012.

I want to share my joy at the vegan diversity in conjunction with every day awareness through zen and teach it in my cooking workshops and provided zen practice.