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Yoga from Sri Lanka & Ayurveda

Yoga & Ayurveda Sri Lanka

energetic ayurvedic types:

  • Shiroabhyanga and mardana  = Head and face treatment
  • Padhabhyanga  = Foot and hand treatment
  • Kundalini   = Back treatment
  • Koshta Abhyanga  = Stomach treatment
  • Udvartana  = Treatment with warm powder

 The three known Doshas (types):

  • Vata (Nerve energy for movement and activity) 
  • Pitta (Substance-degrading fire energy) 
  • Kapha (Substance-structuring nourishing energy)

I only use natural oils without artificial aroma! The different oils are individually matched to the person (almond - coconut - sesame - olive - rounded off with pure aetheric oils)


Yoga from Sri Lanka

The word Yoga means union - union of body and spirit in the sense of holism and physical and mental health.

The Yoga breath exercises supply the body, especially the brain, with vital oxygen. The practicioner experiences mental clarity, concentration, and balance.

The relaxation techniques of Yoga cause the life energy to be able to flow unobstructedly. They lead to a deep peace and serenity and help the regular practicioner to better cope with the stress and fast pace of modern life.


Meditation means finding peace and calm inside and freeing yourself from the chains of your own mind. Therefore we experience serenity and the power for everyday life comes back. The person becomes free and independent in their decisions.


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